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Self Storage Types

Aldergrove Mini Storage is a solution for all your storage needs, whether it be for household use to de-clutter your home, business use to store records or stock, specialist use for wine or even storing your car, motorhome or boat.

If you need to store it then your local self storage center can provide an affordable storage solution for you. Remember with self storage you keep the key so you control who has access to your goods. You can access them as often as you want for no extra fees.

Household Storage

Aldergrove Mini Storage is your ultimate room away from home. It is the place for you to store whatever you need to that you can’t fit into your own home.

Business Storage

Aldergrove Mini Storage is the ideal business partner. Particularly with the increasing home and e-business market, self storage can provide a flexible convenient way to store records, product, marketing material or any business material.

Storing Vehicles in Self Storage

Whether it be a classic car, caravan or RV, boat or Jet Ski, or maybe just that extra car that you have nowhere to park, self storage can solve all your vehicle storage needs. Click here for details

Document Storage

Whether it be for home office records, tax files or just personal documentation, Aldergrove Mini Storage is an easy affordable way to store your records and documents.

Boxes and Packaging Materials

Aldergrove Mini Storage facilities are the experts on boxes. They are professionals that will understand your storing needs when it comes to boxes of all shapes and sizes. See all our packaging options here.